My background

I am an islander, born in the Azores, currently hopping around the world, based nowhere in particular.

After dropping out of Journalism and Media Studies, I started my career as a podcaster and radio broadcaster. Five years later, I moved to mainland Portugal, and thus to the world of marketing and advertising, where I had the chance to start working as a freelance web developer, copy and scriptwriter, designer and English—Portuguese translator.

For nearly a decade now, I've come to develop the necessary expertise to deliver turn-key creative solutions for television and digital media. Nowadays, I intend to focus on sustainable, higher awareness projects that target structural change.

Personal interests

In my spare time, I am an amateur researcher and author in the fields of mythology and spirituality, interested in the intersection of Hermeticism and earth-based mystery traditions. I have published several articles in like-minded media, in which I expound on our urgent need for a non-dualistic and empathic way of living.

Besides that, I am also a fountain pen nerd, an incorrigible Eurovision fan and a budding polyglot, currently working my way through German tongue-twisters and the Swedish syntax.


This website was built with HTML, CSS/Sass and a bit of JavaScript. Any design token-led utility classes were generated using Andy Bell's Gorko package.

All content is managed using the amazing Kirby CMS — which allows me to benefit from all the battle-tested commodities of a PHP-based stack, along with the peace of mind of storing my content in flat (largely Markdown-compatible) files.

The type is set with the Wotfard font family, designed by the Atipo Foundry.